As of September 22nd, 2021, Ontario requires Proof of Vaccination in select settings, including indoor playgrounds.

All guests aged 12 and up will have to show proof of vaccination with an id.

The only exemptions are with a doctors certificate.

Please be kind to those who are required by law to ask for this document.


Thank you for understanding and support.

- Jungle Oasis.

Admission prices to Jungle Oasis Playground, for Fall 2021, are as follows:

  • Children 3 (36 months) to 12 years of age: $10.62 + $1.38(HST) = $12.00

  • Children 12 months to 35 months of age: $8.85 + $1.15(HST) = $10.00

  • Children 11 months of age or under, with no paid sibling: $5.31 + $0.69(HST) = $6.00

  • One child 11 months old or under for each paid sibling (same immediate family): no charge

  • Parents / guardians = no charge

Guests 13 years old or over may only stay and play when they are with a child 12 years old or younger. One 13 year old (or over) child (doesn't include adult relatives) playing in the facility is allowed free entry with a paid younger sibling. Otherwise they will pay the $12 rate.


10 Play Pass Cards
Each play pass is good for 10 admissions to Jungle Oasis during any regular drop in play time.
Play Pass for ages 2 and under: $61.95 + $8.05(HST) = $70
Play Pass for ages 3 to 12: $79.65 + $10.35(HST) = $90

*Play passes can be shared, it's one hole punch per child per visit.

*No refunds on unused play passes.